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Get Grounded!

Every wonder why it feels soo good to walk on the grass barefoot? As a kid, are your best memories playing in the yard barefoot? Well there is a explainaion and science can back it up. Its a lil thing called free electrons.

Having to get free electron may not exactly be a good thing, but they definately are good for you! Heres a lil chemistry lesson. What causes free electrons are free radicals, chemicals in the air and air itself that are unstable molecules searching for stability.  Molecules are made of atoms, and all atoms want to have as many pairs of electrons as they can.  Free radicals are missing an electron so they find wholeness by stealing one off of a full atom, usually from a cell in our bodies and then cells start steallinf from other cells, and its a big chain reaction.  This chain reaction causes our cells to breakdown and causes an array of health condition such as acne, organ failure, immune diseases, cancers etc.

But there is hope! there are ways to stop this chain reaction. One way is to eat anti-oxidants, They are so full of electrons they can give some up to free radicals and not become one in the process.  A common source of anti-oxidants are fruits and vegetables. Foods containing them are often refered to as super foods, and for good reason!

Another way to obtain free electrons is to go Barefoot! Yes, that’s right. The earth is the largest source of free electrons. When you go barefoot you ground yourself to the ground and you have access to virtually an unlimited supply of free electrons! How great is that?? The Earth’s electron current and electrical flow is about 7.5 – 8.0Hz, the same as brain waves, whereas electronics and free radical causing EMF currents are at 50 – 60Hz which throw our bodies electrical fields all out of whack. The current of the Earth actually pulsates, it has a rhythm that is the weakest around midnight then ramps up at sunrise peaking just before noon then decreases from there to a low point around 3pm then peaking back up right around 6pm then back to near zero current at midnight. Ever hear about having a “biological clock” well this Earth current and the body’s “biological clock” is what was used back in the non-shoe days to dictate a schedule. Low current times meant sleep or nap, high current meant meals or work. You do the activities that need free radical offsets when you can get the highest amount of electrons, and go to bed where you don’t damage yourself when the Earth can’t give any electrons.

Now it makes more sense to take a siesta in the afternoon!

So, anything that is grounded to the Earth is also a grounding point.  Water, trees, even other people (if they are grounded). Aww HA! The science behind holding hands is reveled! Things that are not grounded are synthetics like rubber (shoes), your car, carpets, hardwood floors, concrete… Going barefoot is better than eating any super food and will do everything from break free radicals, to regulate sleep and digestion, lower inflammation and disease,  and in women it brings their menstrual cycles into a near clockwork status, and it also regulates cortisol production and aides in losing and maintaining proper weight.

So get barefoot and eat your super foods. I promise, you will feel alot better if you do.

Secret Tip:  If you are a traveler and want to really test what I am saying try this out:  When you get off a plane in a different time zone find a grassy area like a park, get barefoot for about an hour while you read or something, your body and cellular structure will align to the current rhythm of Earth that is current in that time zone and you will greatly reduce any kind of jet lag you would normally have.  Your body will literally adjust to “local time” very rapidly by using this method.


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