These are some books I’ve read and I recommend to you.

The Bible

First off I want to represent God and all his majesty! Having a relationship with God is fundamental to being a Christian. The best way is to read his Word, represented in the bible. The bible is not just a regular book telling you how to live a good life.. It is full of passion, love, miracles, lies, deception, murder, sex, greed and so much more that what other top-selling novels have. It hasn’t been the number one selling book though the ages for nothing!

Born To Run

McDougall, Christopher. Born to Run. New York: Alfred A, Knopf, 2009. N. pag. Print.

This book is an amazing adventure that began with a simple question: Why does my foot hurt? In his quest Christopher McDougall comes across a tribe in Mexico that have super human abilities to run hundreds of miles without rest. The book greatly engages your mind and inspires your body when you realize happiness is a barefoot step away! A Must Read!!!

Running Barefoot

Sandler, Michael. Running Barefoot. Boulder: Run Bare Publishing, 2010. N. pag. Print.

This is an excellent book! If Born to Run inspires you to run barefoot this is the guide for barefoot running. It is very informative about the advantages and mechanics of going barefoot. It is very helpful instructing you on proper form and what all happens to you body when you go barefoot. Very interesting book, highly recommended!

Body By Science

McGuff, Doug. Body by Science. N.p.: Northern Rivers Productions, 2009. N. pag. Print.

This is a great read if you are interested in improving you health and your ability to perform everyday activities without tiring.  This revolutionary approach to strength training is incredible! All you have to do is intensely workout for a max of 12 minutes a week and you will get bigger, stronger, more capable of performing daily tasks than ever before.I don’t want to give too much away here but the cause for the infrequency is that your muscles need rest. People these days expect immediate results for everything and when they don’t get the results right away they think they are not doing enough so they go back right away and that is a good way to run yourself down and not see any results. Read the book for more about how to do it and specific lifts that are recommended.

 “The Primal Blueprint” & “What you dont know Might be Killing You”

~To be reviewed.


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