I’m a Barefooter!

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Hopefully you wont get ostracized from your family for going barefoot but it really is good for you. First of all by taking your shoes off and walking with a natural gait it reduces impact force. Get this, walking in shoes, very cushiony shoes mind you, your leg extends straight out. Not only does this reduce your balance.. but also by landing on your heel, small surface area, a large force is generated traveling up your straight leg and reeking havoc on your joints, from you ankles all the way up to your neck. OUCH! And people do this to themselves everyday. No wonder why seniors have arthritis and need power scooters to get around. Well I’m here to tell you, you don’t need to be subjected to the punishing forces anymore!  By simply taking your shoes off and taking smaller steps, keeping your feet under your center of gravity you can experience a happier well-being.  Also with the small steps your knee will be bent and you should be landing on the ball of your foot. This larger surface area, coupled with your amazingly powerful arch and bent knee do a fantastic job minimizing impact force.  This is especially important when running, since a regular runner can experience an impact force of 2 to 3 times that of his body weight.

Your feet are full of nerve endings. Perhaps the most sensitive area of your body and people completely shutout this sense when they put shoes on. Your feet are not super sensitive just so your girlfriend can tickle you, it is an important way to receive sensory information, gather information about the world and is helpful for keeping you balance.  Wearing shoes is the equivalent to wearing boxing gloves while operating heave machinery, while you may be able to accomplish the task it will be a lot harder and unsafe.  When you put shoes on your feet desperately want to receive sensory information that is being blocked from them so to try to get it you over compensate by hitting the ground harder.  And there is a correlation between more expensive (cushiony) shoes and more injuries.

More about barefooting to come!


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The Barefoot Approach Get Grounded!

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